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Death to Normalcy

Monica ● Level 20 ● INFP ● Vegetarian

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This is my personal tumblr, which is mostly comprised of crying over attractive people and wailing about puppies. I'm currently chronicling my journey of overcoming abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and learning to love myself by living a healthier lifestyle on my health and fitness tumblr.

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seeminglycaptivating replied to your post: I just realized why I dislike the Lann…

I feel you my sistah. So…very…true…

me when cat dander gets all up in my business

mechaniguy replied to your post: I just realized why I dislike the Lann…

aca-SCUSE me??

i’m severely allergic to cats so

i was having a really bad anxiety day yesterday and felt like crap all day but today i’m like FUCK THAT NOISE and i’m listening to upbeat playlists and i’m gonna try and film part of one of my artist alley tutorial videos today and i’m spending time writing some stuff for my comic and YEAH

i kinda want to get back into vlogging because i really enjoy doing it and i finally feel like i have some time i can invest in doing it 

but i’m so turned off from using youtube because it’s like the entire site has gone down the toilet the last couple years

what do

i realized that my laptop is five years old and i’m probably gonna have to upgrade within like a year or so 

i’m pretty sure jack and i caught a cold at the same time noOO

i should work on stickers tonight and i’ll probably try but all i really want to do is lie around and read fanfic or something

everything on my computer today is making me like


there are few things that gross me out as much as men drinking alcohol wow like as if i didn’t already want you to stay 100 yards away from me now let’s just double that distance please

i’m supposed to get the final confirmation email for our dcc table today

and like i know we got in because i was emailing with the coordinator a while ago and she confirmed that we had paid and everything was fine

but i’ve been waiting since like


to hear about getting a third badge so jack can give me and alex a hand with everything and SUPPOSEDLY those emails are going to be sent today

i’m just super anxious and dcc has been really vague about everything because of that one guy’s lawsuit or whatever


i have a love/hate relationship with home depot because i love getting cool stuff to make cosplay things

but i hate going there because i get harassed almost every time i go there

s i g h

i finally got my new email set up and changed all my accounts and everything ajdlfsk it took like 3 hours blehhh

but now it’s so nice and i can finally do commissions and it’ll be so easy and slick and yay!! ovo

i’m in the process of creating a new email address and the name i chose makes me feel incredibly narcissistic but i don’t care cause it’s really cool


oh no guardians of the galaxy is the one with the whole james dunn thing ugH

now i have such a bad taste in my mouth :c

sometimes i do this really dumb thing where i forget to close my contact case at night or i completely miss putting my contacts in the case and they end up on the counter so in the morning i find the shriveled skeletal remains of what used to be my contacts and

it took me over two hours to write this email dang

sup 4am