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Death to Normalcy

Monica ● Level 20 ● INFP

I am currently training to run my first half marathon and raise money for RAINN! Please consider clicking here to donate to my campaign. ♥

This is my personal tumblr, which is mostly comprised of crying over attractive people and wailing about puppies. I'm currently chronicling my journey of overcoming abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and learning to love myself by living a healthier lifestyle on my health and fitness tumblr.

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Straightened my hair for the first time since I cut it. I feel kind of like a rock star. :B

Got my awesome shirt at Starfest yesterday~

So I cut all my hair off

aslkdfjalsdkfjaldskja I love it so much oh my god I couldn’t stop grinning when I was getting it cut 8D


to quote Mer


Oh hey it’s my face.

I tried out a rose today. I’m not completely satisfied, but I still like it a lot :)

I just finished another Kanzashi, and this was my first time using a print. I was really apprehensive about how distorted the fabric would look, but I’m really happy with it. :D In fact, I may just keep this one for myself instead of selling it.

I made these pink and white kanzashi for my cousin-in-law, who requested them for her two daughters. :) I hope she likes them!

Also I have plans to open an Etsy shop HURRRR.