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Death to Normalcy

Monica ● Level 21 ● INFP

This is my personal tumblr, which is mostly comprised of crying over attractive people and wailing about puppies. I'm currently chronicling my journey of overcoming abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and learning to love myself by living a healthier lifestyle on my health and fitness tumblr.

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This thing ended up being a BEAST but I’m very happy with it C:

Jade for my friend Nettie <3

Also on deviantArt

yes good this is going well asdljfkafds PROGRESS IS HAPPENING

and now i must sleep but JADE I WILL RETURN TO YOU TOMORROW~

suddenly a painting style i actually really like

let’s see if i can keep this up :B



I got ironing fever and made a bunch of shitty shirts

so I can make you a shitty shirt.

Basically if you got it you can get a symbol shirt of whatever you please. IE. Trickster Davesprite, or just a Jake English, whatever you please.

You can get a short sleeve raglan like these, except one error, i do not know where they have them available in pink or blue. The trickster jade shirt is bella’s blue sleeve raglan, long sleeve, and semi-pricey. But, I will try my hardest to get what you desire, remember this is free shit too.

You don’t have to pay shipping, unless you want it to be there super fast, in that case, you may reach into your wallet and give the post office its salary.


1. You may reblog up to 4 times, consider your followers, however.

2. A like counts too

3. You don’t have to follow me but if you did we could be best friends and hang out.

4. No special sideblogs for giveaways I will find where you live and pee on you.

Winner will be chosen April 3rd