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Death to Normalcy

Monica ● Level 21 ● INFP

This is my personal tumblr, which is mostly comprised of crying over attractive people and wailing about puppies. I'm currently chronicling my journey of overcoming abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and learning to love myself by living a healthier lifestyle on my health and fitness tumblr.

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So I got back up to college and was really tired from the long drive. I decided I would spend my evening in bed playing on my computer rather than doing anything productive. 

So naturally I took my pants off. No one wants to lay cozy in bed with pants on. Just no.

And then at 7pm I here a knock on my door. I figure it was probably Monica asking me something or another and I really didn’t feel like putting my pants on if it was just Monica.

At the last minute I decided it was actually probably a good idea to wear pants so I pulled them on and answered the door. I was surprised that it was in fact NOT Monica, but Connor on of the other RA’s asking me if I could cover part of his duty. 

I was pretty mortified to say the least and was just like “Yeah, yeah I’ll cover your duty. Leave me to my shame.” I don’t think he understood why I couldn’t look him in the eyes the entire time he was talking to me.

Because Kaitlyn and I never wear pants when we converse.

when you’re an art major living in the res halls with basically zero square footage 

you learn to embrace working on the floor


Harlem Shake, RA style


Send me your staff’s Harlem Shake video and I’ll post it here. Don’t have one? Just give into the nonsense and make one.

Our school did a huge one at a basketball game! :D

reassuring residents in the event of a crisis situation is something i’ve had to do far too often and yet it’s something i’m never going to get used to

positions of authority are weird

i’m going to bed

so there’s this creepy little hole with a pipe in it in the wall of my hall and lately it’s been gurgling and slightly leaking and generally making creepy noises 

and i was joking with my residents that our hall is the chamber of secrets

and one of them just whispered

it has been opened

Working on cupcake-themed door decs for my floor and watching Treasure Planet :D

I hope everyone who went to see The Hobbit enjoyed themselves! :D I was asleep because I’m on call for check outs this morning. :B

I’m finally done with finals adslfjasd

and I just took the most awesome shower ever oh man I actually feel like a human being again

now to spend my evening screwing around and checking out my residents for break

SPEAKING OF MY RESIDENTS, I met two new residents who are moving onto my floor next semester! they seemed very sweet, i’m excited to have them uvu

and then tomorrow i’m on call in the morning and afterward there are going to be crazy staff shenanigans and i’m headed home saturday! :D

Aaaaand finally calling it a night at 3AM, just like last night.

Here’s hoping we don’t get any more calls tonight.


that was such an awkward duty walk oh my god

now i have to log it asdjklfasd

2AM duty calls

'tis the season in which it's time for RA's to write recommendations for their residents applying to be RA's next year

and I have I’m working on

and it feels weirdly like I have command of the fates and I’m noT SURE IF I LIKE IT ASDLFKJSDF I DON’T WANT TO MESS UP AHH

Kaitlyn: …okay well I’ll let you get back to working on your business or whatever. What are you working on, anyway?

Me: I dunno man I just took my pants off and that’s about all I’ve accomplished

I just signed a room change form for the one bitchy/sassy resident on my floor who is now moving to an entirely different residence hall.