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Death to Normalcy

Monica ● Level 20 ● INFP

I am currently training to run my first half marathon and raise money for RAINN! Please consider clicking here to donate to my campaign. ♥

This is my personal tumblr, which is mostly comprised of crying over attractive people and wailing about puppies. I'm currently chronicling my journey of overcoming abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and learning to love myself by living a healthier lifestyle on my health and fitness tumblr.

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Hi my name is Monica and I like to make dumb faces


Welcome to my blog! :B

I thought this would be relevant to my new followers~ xD

I originally intended these drawings to be a photoset C:

I’m just gonna

leave these here


Drawing request for WaterFlavor

Drawing requests are open, though I won’t be able to work on new requests until after this weekend. I’ve had a crazy week of schoolwork and getting pieces ready for the undergrad art show which I’M TOTALLY NOT NERVOUS FOR AT ALL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

From today’s late night figure drawing session C:

Each pose was about 20 minutes long.

Previously mentioned homestuck is on the left, I’m in center.

This hurts my head so much to work on asdljkfdak :C

Taking a break from working on requests to indulge myeslf with a Dave~

And Mute!Dave is one of my favorite Homestuck headcanons c:

Also this is meant to be directed at John I MEAN

Also on deviantArt C:



Drawing request for rogueofflow :)

Still version on deviantArt

SQQQQQqquuuuuuueeeee!!!!! :D
She looks so adorable in your style!
Thanks for drawing this request for me! Momo! I LOVE YOU, GIRL!

You’re very welcome! :D I love you too! *huggles*



Doodled some Daves for Mer cause she’s been kinda down *hugs*

Hope these help! :3


ilu2 babbuuuu :3 <3

Doodled some Daves for Mer cause she’s been kinda down *hugs*

Hope these help! :3

Drawing request for rogueofflow :)

Still version on deviantArt

Drawing request for cometkins <3

I hope you like it! :3

Drawing requests are open, just drop me an ask!

My half of an art trade with antemrd :) Her half is here

I hope you like it! :D


My half of an art trade with rogueofflow :)

I hope you like it dahling!

Also on deviantArt :B

Her half is here and oh my god it’s gorgeous GO LOVE HER <3

Drew my face for line/tone homework :B